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About Outback Foods

Outback Foods is 100% Australian owned food manufacturer company that specialises in cuisine unique to Australia.

There are endless reasons why Australia is such a great country, and the home of surprise. We offer the rest of the world the opportunity to step into new adventures of taste, colour, beauty and excitement. Just so many different experiences unravel as you

take the plunge into this new dimension. As a company, Outback Foods have captured some of the attributes that are part and parcel to this nation. We hope that you can enjoy and appreciate the variety and fantastic culture which this land produces, where, so often, simple pleasures seem like an indulgence. In every product we manufacture, our aim is for product excellence giving an exhilarating sense of delight, encompassing various aspects and lifestyles throughout Australia and its history. So come on its all about sharing “A Piece of Australia” as all our products are made in Australia.

Outback Foods is located in Melbourne, one of the most liveable city in the world. We had a humble start in early 2000 with handful of products. Since then, Outback Foods has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers, wholesaler of native Australian gourmet foods supplier in Australia.

From native fruits to the simple gum leaf, Outback Foods source only the finest, and highest quality raw ingredients to make tasty bush tucker such as teas, biscuits, spreads and sauces. Our team has spent years of trial and error and attention to detail has perfected our recipes & have made our products of the highest quality on the market today.
The Outback Foods Online Gift Store delivers the delicious treats to connoisseurs across Australia and abroad. Our Goal at outback foods is to maintain the confidence of our customers by offering the best quality food & service. We also maintain the highest Food Safety Standards under Australian regulations.

Our products are directly served to consumers and wholesale industries as below:

  • Wholesale market for Packaged gourmet food and gifts hamper suppliers.
  • Luxury food gift packs with Australian flavour
  • Corporate gifts with Australian touch
  • Australian gifts for overseas friends, family members or colleagues.
  • Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, Thanksgiving gifts
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Gift shops, Australian souvenirs, Promotional gift shops, Airports, Tourist places, Gift vending machines, Sporting arenas, Food service industry.
  • For loved ones on any occasion like Birthdays, Wedding, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary Gifts.
  • Gifts for Australian themed festivals, seminars, fund-raising projects, school, college, uni events, cultural event, sporting activities.

If you would like us to ship to you directly or your loved ones , we can customise an order to your liking. It’s easy to place your order, just go to our Online Store or give us a call.

if you are looking to purchase our products retail, wholesale, or are interested in being a distributor, we can accommodate your needs. Just feel free to contact us.

Outback Foods is specialised in premium quality packaged gourmet food and Hamper baskets that offer the excitement and adventure of a whole new experience.

Traditional Bush Tucker ingredients are used to produce the magnificent flavours and mouth-watering taste sensations that are uniquely Australian.

Eucalyptus trees are the source of tea leaves and honeys; while wild bush fruits such as native plums, peaches, red currants and Quandongs are collected to make relishes, sauces, jams and conserves.

Hampers, gifts pack, hand-made biscuits and confectionery also make up the extensive product range that can be delivered to all corners of the world.

Here’s our Product Range in brief:

  • Australian Native Fruit Sauces, Relishes, liking to your taste from sweet to hot chilli flavour.
  • Jams, Spreads including “MALLEE” A fine selection of native sauces and spreads, including fruits such as Quandong, Lillipilli, Wild Limes, Native Plums.
  • Biscuits and Cookies made with Indigenous ingredients and Australian animal shapes of ginger biscuits.
  • Tribal Rock Confectionery, soft centered native fruits and Australian Animal shapes soft Confectionery, kangaroo, crocodile, platypus, dingo, koala, lizard wombat etc.
  • Beverages like Australian flavoured Teas including “Droonadoo Tea” is a selection of Australian Native ingredients.
  • Australian Honey
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Australian Herbs
  • Food Hampers that offer the excitement and adventure of a whole new experience.

    For a full product listing please visit our Online Store or please feel free to contact us.